New author, but not a new writer.

New author, but not a new writer.

I’ve been writing since I was in 7th grade. I wrote the first few chapters of dozens of books all through junior high and high school. My perfectionistic streak kept me from ever finishing one.

I have been putting my love for writing into my songwriting, an occasional blog post, or one of my notorious Facebook soapbox rants. However, in November 2015 I started writing a book. I’d work on it here and there, but a few months ago, I became determined to finish it. And I did! It only took me 25 years. Haha!  

I am still tweaking it. I feel that I rushed the ending just so I could say I finished a book, but I’m fairly happy with the beginning of it. Since I’m a new author, I’m going to not sell it. I’m just going to post a chapter every day or every other day for the next month.

I’m really shy about my fiction writing. I almost decided to use a pseudonym, but decided to be brave and just write as me. I’ve got some tears in my eyes writing this, because I’ve wanted this for literally decades. I’ve just not believed in myself until now.

I hope that you will enjoy the first chapter. I’ll have it up within the next day or two.


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