The other day I was surprised to discover that I’ve written a handful of songs since the beginning of the year.  I’m not a prolific songwriter, as I tend to get distracted.  I do have good reason of 5 kids, and other responsibilities. Still, professional songwriters often write 5 songs within a day or two.  I tend to work on the ones I do write a lot, if I feel that they are worth investing time in.

There are some songs that I start writing and can tell right away that I won’t be returning to them to edit.  They lack the “spark” that my favorites do.  Usually the best songs of mine pour out onto the page like water from a glass.  They are the easiest ones, with little editing.  Then there are those songs that I just KNOW will be good songs if I keep touching them up.  They are those diamonds in the rough.  They usually end up being my favorite songs, because of all the time and dedication I’ve put into them.

Do any of you write songs?

P.S. “Erisa Rei” is my stage name. (It’s also my full first and middle name.)

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