Primary Source

It was less than a year ago that I saw a post on Facebook about what books they “utilized the most” for spiritual growth.  Out of 40 or so comments, only one woman said what I felt would be the best response: the Bible.  So I asked what I felt was a rather important question at that moment:  What about the Bible?

Soon after that, “a leader” got on there and said that while we should go to the Bible first, it is “vital” we receive education from other people, particularly other women.  (She was a female leader.  I wonder why she felt so strongly about that…)  I don’t see anything wrong with reading supplemental books by other authors.  However, she didn’t answer the initial question as to what should be “UTILIZED THE MOST”.

THE BIBLE.  The B-I-B-L-E.  La Biblia.  The Good Book.  THE WORD OF GOD.  = #1.

In my life it is utilized the most, my PRIME SOURCE.  The other things should be SUPPLEMENTAL.

Whenever we go to other sources first over the Bible we are in danger of beginning to listen to the Word through the “voices” of the human we listen to, watch, and read.  We are in danger of listening to their viewpoints as being infallible.  Their “voices” can become the voice of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

For example, I have an issue with how the “spirit of Jezebel” is taught today.  While I do think that there is a spirit associated with the name “Jezebel”, so much of the teaching on it has been passed down from preacher to preacher to preacher.  I was looking at several lists of “how to’s” concerning this “spirit of Jezebel”.  Do you know how many I found with Scriptural support for each and every “indicator”?


This is how the Word of God gets watered down and solid theology is getting traded for sopified wives’ tales.  You wanna tell me about the “Jezebel spirit”? You better back EVERY point up with a Scripture.  Why? Because more and more things keep being added to the bullet points of what it is and a lot of them aren’t actually in the Bible!  And don’t you think that spirit is much more ancient than the wife of Ahab? (Don’t even get me started on the “Ahab” spirit.)

Do you realize the implications of this?  When this happens, (and has happened at least twice in my own personal experience,) the people who are actually operating in this spirit are the ones preaching it from the pulpit!  And since they are adding bullet points to it, it is making everyone in the congregation a possible suspect for having the “Jezebel spirit”.  This instills FEAR in the congregation instead of PEACE.  This can be avoided if people would just read the Bible first before going to supplemental sources.

I’m hoping for the day when the believers would learn to ask questions, feeling it safe to do so.  I wish that they would cross-check a doctrine out in the Scripture to discover if they believe that too.  I would like to believe that they allow the Holy Spirit to speak to them personally rather than the human “voices” from the supplemental sources.

I’m definitely not insinuating that the person who wrote the post or that the other leader who commented on my “What about the Bible?” question are operating in the “spirit of Jezebel”.  I haven’t discerned that at all.  I don’t even know one of them.  I was just connecting the importance of making the Bible the primary source, (or as the originator of the post said the one we “utilize the most”,) with something that has been watered down with human opinion.  How much more impactful would that sermon be with solid Scriptural backing instead of “he said that he said that he said”.



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