Freezer Clean-Out

Every once in awhile, I like to check up on my habits: spending, “stuff” accumulation, clothing horde, etc.  Way before it was trendy, I liked the idea of minimalism.  While I love books and milk glass too much to be truly minimalistic, I do try to keep our house decluttered as much as possible, and have for many years.  I am also lazy and hate cleaning, so I find that less stuff helps me keep things cleaner.  I’m not perfect in this, but considering I was a pack-rat when I first got married, I’ve come a long way.

Anyway, I like to assess myself occasionally.  Last October, I noticed that things were beginning to get difficult to manage again with cleaning, as far as keeping things tidy.  So I started going through the house and getting rid of things, AGAIN.  I had just done that two years previous when we moved to our new house, and again two years prior to that when we moved from Tennessee to Illinois.  I figured that I was spending too much money on things I didn’t need, so I also did a financial re-haul.

I noticed a few things with my spending that I wasn’t liking.  One was that we were eating out a lot.  Another was that even though I was eating out, I was still buying groceries like we never ate out.  Lastly, I was impulse-buying too much.  But the question came up in my mind, where are the groceries that we didn’t eat because we ate out?  Answer: the deep freeze.

It was so full that we couldn’t fit ANYTHING ELSE in it.  In addition to that, my deep freeze was/is in great need of thawing out.  So, I made it a goal to completely use the food in it by the spring.  I knew it would be difficult during the holidays, because I knew we’d want to eat specific things during the holidays.  However, it’s almost February and we’re actually doing really well in getting rid of the items in it.  I’m thinking that over the next two months, we’ll have everything eaten out of it.

Since the assessment, we’ve eaten out a lot less too.  I like to window shop on-line, but now if there is something I like, I put it in a bookmark to see if I still want to buy it later.  Most of the time, I don’t.  Since the holidays, I’ve been able to put $200 towards our new dishwasher, plus save more.

In the fall, I did something I thought I would never do.   I got rid of a lot of my antique dishes!  I also packed my fiestaware away, which wasn’t doing well in our dishwasher.   I did buy a new set of Corell dishes for us to use.  I haven’t had new dishes for 12 years-ish, so it wasn’t a superflous purchase.  I also have a lot of milk glass that I’ve collected through the years that I can finally use because they match the new dishes.

I also decided that I’m done with “tupperware”, or any other brands like that.  I’m using canning jars and glass containers to keep our pantry items in.  We also are drinking from them too.  (I’m rather countrified.)  Yes, we could be “fancier”, but I already have a ton of jars because of canning.  I decided to multi-purpose them.

So, probably a boring blog post for most. Sorry. 😀


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