I think that would be enough for most people to read and immediately be able to relate.

I probably should restart.



I’ve had one of those two weeks where it seems like nothing goes right, I say the dumbest things, and people don’t get me. Then shame stalks me like an angry rooster. I try to beat it off, but it keeps coming at me. One stupid mistake at a time over the past couple of weeks have made life feel a bit exhausting.

So I’m sitting here typing this blog post, after yet another idiot mistake, procrastinating doing the dishes, and sighing deeply.

One good thing is that I have been tenacious about is not letting those mistakes slip through my fingers without examining them. I am determined to get past the root of this current problem in my life. This morning, I was asking God what He wanted to show me. He gave the word “stalwart” and I’ve been studying that out.

One thing that “stalwart” means is immovable. And that’s what I’ve been determined to be this time around. It’s my go-to to “yell and run”, my bark being worse than my bite.  Hebrews 11 & 12 were the perfect study for me today.

Will I wash dishes anytime soon? Well, they won’t wash themselves. Kinda like our humanity.


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